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Jul 27, 2017 - Posted by TopWritersReviews

11 Ways to Say Thank You (and then some)

The problem with “Thank you” is that it has become overused and somewhat meaningless. It is often followed by “You’re welcome,” another overused and thus

increasingly meaningless phrase. What does a grocery store clerk really mean when s/he says “thank you” as a customer purchase is finished? And what does the customer really mean when s/he says “thank you” to a checkout clerk?

The phrase is so automatic, in fact, that no one even hears it anymore.

So, how do you put meaning back into the “thank you” so the recipient believes that it is genuine rather than just automatic? The best method is to add a clear message of what the “thank you” is for. And in that long message, your expression of thanks becomes so much more sincere.

So here are 11 ways to say thank you that will have greater meaning.

  1. “Thank you for your cooperation.” On the job, a supervisor might need to ask a subordinate to do something outside of his normal range of duties. A simple “thank you” once the subordinate agrees or completes the task would probably do, but adding the “for your cooperation” does make it more personal, especially in a business atmosphere. Another variation might be “Thank you for your assistance.”
  2. “I really appreciate your help.” There is a myriad of times when this form of thank you can be used, although it if usually a bit more formal. Best friends and relatives would usually find more endearing or informal words, maybe just “Thanks for your help” or “thanks for helping me.”
  3. “Thank you for your quick response.” This is definitely a formal type of thank you, often used in business setting when someone has gotten back to you – probably not appropriate when mom or dad call you back.

There are lots of other thank you phrases of a formal nature, all of which can include the reason for the appreciation – Thank you for your reply, thank you for getting back to me, thanks for your attention, thanks for your cooperation, even, thank you for your kind attention.

Now Let’s Get Real

Today, unless we are sales clerks in a checkout line or a service employee getting a tip, or talking to a stranger in a formal setting, it is unlikely that we will just say “Thank you.” We do want to put meaning into our words of appreciation, but we live in a much more informal society than our parents and grandparents did. So, we have new ways to express our appreciation:

  • Thanks – simple, can be used even with strangers in informal settings
  • Thanks, Bro – to a male friend
  • I owe you one – to a friend, relative or co-worker
  • I’ll hit you back next time - same
  • Thanks, sister – to female friend
  • Couldn’t have done it without you – co-worker, friend
  • You’re the best – friend, but also used when you get great customer service or when a co-worker has helped you out

Now for the Response to Thank You Expressions

We all know the standard reply for “thank you” – “You’re Welcome.”

And we do use this still – a lot

But other replies to “thank you” have also evolved into our language.

  • The Spanish expression “de nada” is used more and more by non-Latinos
  • No need – meaning no need to say thanks, I was happy to do it
  • Happy to help – used in formal and informal settings
  • Anytime – you would be happy to help out again

These phrases express sincerity – probably more than the trite “You’re welcome.”

Is there any best reply for “thank you?” No. it depends on the event and the relationship you have with the individual who is thanking you.

It’s actually a kind of relief that we can say thank you and reply to a thank you in such a variety of ways today. It allows us to be who we are – and that is what genuine is all about.

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