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Oct 22, 2015 - Posted by TopWritersReviews

Essay Writing Prompts and Other Essay Writing Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Coming Up With Useful Essay Writing Prompts

A writing prompt is a few sentences designed to help you begin writing about a topic. You can use an essay prompt as the focus of your essay as it is written, or you can change the prompt around a little bit to suit you. If you are working with a  popular essay topic, you might be able to find essay prompts on the internet. Some of our blogs contain essay topic suggestions. In addition to being prompts, these helpful suggestions are also called essay questions and essay suggestions.

If you would prefer to write your own essay questions, you can certainly do so. Simply brainstorm some essay ideas and questions based on your topic. If you are allowed to choose your own topic, you have even more freedom. As you brainstorm, just focus on what it is about your topic that interests you, or that you can write about without spending too much time doing background research.

Helpful Steps to Writing an Essay

The prompts you find or write down for yourself will help you select a topic and narrow that topic down. Next, you are ready to follow a few simple steps in order to write your essay.

1.      First Find Reliable Sources

This is your first step in writing a good essay. You must conduct your research using only sources that you know are reliable and trustworthy. This requirement entails finding sources that are largely based in fact, that come from a variety of backgrounds, and that provide you with solid factual evidence.

2.      Take Notes the Smart Way

One of the best essay writing tips we can provide revolves around taking notes. Do yourself a big favor and download and use a writing app. There are a large variety of apps available for taking and organizing notes. Some even include additional features that allow you to create projects, write, and collaborate with others on team projects. Why not let technology help you to take notes, organize them, and allow you to search them later on.

3.     Always Start With an Outline

Always begin with an outline before you start writing the paragraphs of your essay. This will help you to organize your thoughts, and help to insure that you have enough information to back up all of your main ideas. In many cases, once your outline is created, it will be very easy to come up with your main idea sentences and your thesis.

4.      Leave Time for Editing and Proofreading

The last of our guidelines to writing an essay is to take plenty of time when editing and proofreading. At the college level, there is very little patience and understanding when it comes to spelling and grammar mistakes. There is even less patience when it comes to writing a paper that contains factual inaccuracies. This is why it is urgently important that you review your work thoroughly before turning it in.

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