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Nov 23, 2015 - Posted by TopWritersReviews

How to Write an Essay: 7 Hacks You Can Use

As a college student, you have probably worked your way through a dozen or more writing assignments. Before you are finished with school, you will work through many more. Wouldn't it be nice to learn how to write an essay or other paper in a way that is as easy as possible? Here is some good news! You can learn how to write essays in ways that are easier, faster, and better. Interested in learning how? Keep reading!

Wikipedia is Actually Very Useful

Your instructors will drill into your head that Wikipedia is not to be used as a source. This is true. Wikipedia is a horrible source for information if you are writing an essay. On the other hand, Wikipedia is an excellent source of sources. Look up any topic on Wikipedia, then scroll to the bottom. In many cases, you will find links to scholarly articles. Click on those and start researching!

Use a Distraction Free Writing App Like OMM Writer

If you find all of the buttons, tabs, and “help” provided by traditional word processors, try OMM Writer or other similar app. Omm features soothing backgrounds, ambient music, and then nothing but your words appearing as you type them.

Learn How to Write an Essay Fast Using The Pomodoro Method

The pomodoro method requires that you work for 25 minutes, then take a 5 minute break. Working in 25 minute cycles keeps you on task and working efficiently. You can purchase a tomato timer online (pomodoro = tomatoe), or download an app.

Get Some New Use Out of Your Old High School Essays

No, you cannot simply turn your old essays in instead of writing new essays in college. However, you can use them as jumping off points for new essays. After all, you have your works cited pages to give you sources to use, and you can take some of your older writing, rework it, and new insights and create a new essay at a much faster rate than you would if you started from ground zero.

Skip Google and Use a Scholarly Search Engine or Database

When you try to research academic topics on Google, you receive too many irrelevant results. Let Google help you with that, and use Google Scholar instead. Better yet, log into an academic database through your school library account. You'll avoid the rookie mistake of using a blog to support your points.

Change Your Scenery if You Are Having Difficulty Concentrating

If your focus is off, or you feel like you are dozing off, get up and go somewhere else. Try a coffee shop, park, library, or any new location, and you will find that you feel a bit more focused and energized.

Let Wordle Help You Stop Using the Same Words Over and Over Again

Wordle is a nifty little utility that helps you improve your writing by pointing out to you which words you over use (it ignores A, and, the, me, my, etc.). Just paste your text in, and you get a word cloud, and list of words that you use too often.

In the end, if nothing helps or you just have no inspiration, you can order youu writing assignments from trustworthy paper writing services. Check out their ratings and reviews first.

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