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Feb 11, 2016 - Posted by TopWritersReviews

The 3 A's Of The Ivy League - Athletics, Academics, Acknowledgement

In the USA, the term Ivy League has a specific meaning. Basically, it refers to a group of private universities and colleges. These east-coast institutions are famous in the whole world for their history and for the excellent education they offer. The Ivy League colleges are:

  • Cornell
  • Harvard
  • Dartmouth
  • Yale
  • Brown
  • Pennsylvania
  • Columbia
  • Princeton

The League of Competitions

Once upon a time, the Ivy League referred to an athletic conference. The sports teams of these eight colleges’ would compete for supremacy in different sports tests. Nowadays, the competition has gained wider connotations, because the Ivy League members also compete academically. Ivy League colleges are incredibly selective and very expensive. With acceptance rates under 10% and fees around $50,000 a year, it is indeed very hard to become a student of these universities. Most of the applicants order their admission esssays from paper writing services, choosing only the best ones for it. Seven of the Ivy League colleges were founded in the Colonial Era. Also, they represent seven of the nine colleges founded before the American Revolution.

Rigorous Academics

In the top college rankings in the US, the Ivy League colleges are constantly present. Their rigorous academics bring them pride especially when a lot of social and political figures from the United States have graduated from the Ivy League. The education at one of these universities looks great on a CV. However, the benefits of entering such an alumni network come at a high price. Tuition is very expensive, and the level of stress is incredibly high.

What are the benefits?

Being a student at some of the wealthiest universities in the US can bring a young person a lot of advantages. Therefore, it is crucial to consider carefully if an Ivy Leagure education is the one fit for you. It all depends on what a young man or woman you want out of your degree. Former Ivy League generations that took advantage of great courses are today accomplished personalities of our world. Excellent research facilities, high teaching standards and low student-to-faculty ratio are the main advantages a future specialist could benefit from.

Ivy League Celebrities

Some of the celebrities that are often seen on television are not what they seem. They have fame, beauty, money, talent, but they also hold an Ivy League degree. Many of the singers and actors chose to attend a higher education. This proves that education, amongst others, is of supreme value. Getting accepted in an Ivy League institution says a lot about you and your potential for greater things. Successful actresses like Julia Stiles, Jodie Foster and Claire Danes decided to enjoy the benefits of these elitist universities. Also, James Franco, Matt Damon, Edward Norton and many other actors have an Ivy League degree and won numerous athletic competitions.

In orde to learn more about the Ivy League universities, including their SAT/ACT data, financial aid and costs, it is essential to do some research or contact the representatives of the universities. If a high school graduate wants to apply to any of the Ivy League colleges, it is recommended for him/her to be prepared for one of the most challenging experiences of his/her life.

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