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Jun 8, 2016 - Posted by TopWritersReviews

Top 5 Considerations for Creating Perfect Blog Content

The one thing that content writers across the Internet will agree on is that without the proper content on a blog page you will lose a readers’ interest. Readers are looking for that statement, or sometimes just one powerful word, that will keep them searching for what they came to look for. Whether it is entertainment, shopping, technical help or services, the main focus for any blog developer is the content created for the site.

Content creation has become more than a passing phase, so much so that Universities are now integrating the skills needed for building SEO commercial sites into their business curriculums. The need for these skilled custom writing services such as topwritersreviews.com has since tripled in the last 5 years. If you are considering creating content for a blog or need content created, you may want to consider the following tips before you start:

SEO and Words

Content creators, bloggers, or technical writers, have studied or will be forced to study SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is the process of using keywords to obtain visibility on the Internet, and if you don’t use the best practices set by major search engines such as Google concerning SEO, your site will be dead to the Internet.

Without the knowledge of what SEO can do to enhance your blog page, it can be floating out into space without any hits except for your own, or your family and friends that you have told that it exists.

Google plays a big part in the online search world; everyone wants to be on Google. You can feel like a child trying to catch the perfect snowflake when it comes to trying to keep up with Google and its rules for SEO.

We suggest that anyone that wants to have a successful blog learn how to use SEO. If this is for a business, invest in a good book which can be found on any of the top book seller sites online. There are many blog posts on the subject, but not many writers of blog posts are writing to teach how to utilize SEO.

Power Words

What are you doing now? You are reading. This is the main thing about online content, you are either watching video that will often get you to read a commercial, or you are reading to research, or shopping and reading copy that is convincing you to buy a product. To develop a blog that readers will want to share with others it must have what is called power words within the content that you write for your blog.

The majority of people arrive at a site looking for something to get them in the mood to do something. Use high energy words such as: audacity, devoted, eye-opening, magic, happy, spirit, triumph, victory, and wondrous to get them going. These words at the beginning of a blog post pick up a person’s spirit and get them engaged in the site. Even the title of this post includes the word perfect, and who doesn’t want something in an imperfect world that is perfect.

On sites that are promoting entertainment, the writers know the importance of power words such as, promiscuous, flirt, mischievous, and desire. The list can go on forever. When navigating to these sites using the right kinds of power words can entice, <<another one, the reader to click on, and then share on, to the next person. This is part of SEO, and it is not easy to learn, but once you do learn it, you will have power at the tip of your fingers to write an extraordinary blog.

Link Building

There are conflicting opinions about link-building across the Internet among those that are concerned with how to build the best link base for their sites. However, there is not one best link out there that will get you seen if you link to it. The best way to build a good link base from your site to other sites and vice versa, is to not become a spammer.

Google hates the practice of over spamming your link-building words into your content and you will end up unseen.

Build your links overtime, and don’t buy them. There are some that buy links back to their sites, but this is not living up to Googles terms of service, link swapping is just as bad. Learning how to use power words competitively, and working on your site every day developing, and presenting original content, is the way to earn your place in search.


Some of the best writing services know that they have to have creative content for their audience to have them continue to use their site. Log onto some of these types of sites and you will notice that they all have a blog. If you need to hire someone to write content for your blog, make sure that they are delivering top quality content, and that they are aware of your audience.

You can get insight into who your audience are by taking the time to research your fans social networking pages such as Facebook. Go to their pages and find out what interests them, and write about those things. It is a known fact that many businesses find out much later that they have been targeting the wrong audience and have to go back to the drawing board.

Guest Bloggers

Visit writing services sites, where they usually have seasoned writers on staff, and ask if someone would consider guest posting on your blog. Give them a dynamite topic to research and word count and introduce them to your audience. This type of networking is priceless. We have often said that going it alone on the Internet is a lonesome journey, and inviting others to guest-blog on your site will open doors to building natural occurring links. After they guest on your blog, ask if you can guest on theirs, this way you get to leave a link back to your site. In order to keep up this momentum, make it your goal to do this for at least 2 sites a month.

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