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We are not certain how long Eduzaurus.com has been in the writing service industry, as there is no information about its history on the website. However, we were able to find customer reviews on the web going back a little over a year. We have included a summary of those in this review long with other factors that we commonly use to evaluate writing services – the content visitors are provided on the site itself, posted testimonials also found on the site, a blog we were able to find on the hamburger menu at the top of the home page, our experiences with the live chat customer support feature and a couple of the featured writers, and our assessment of a research paper we ordered from one of the Edu Zaurus writers. What follows is a summary of all of these factors.

EdZaurus Features

EdZaurus.com focuses only on academic writing products for students at all levels of study. Customers can place orders for essays, papers, book reviews and reports, speeches, presentations, article reviews, case studies, and graduate capstone projects, such as theses and dissertations.

The business model of Ed Zaurus is that of customers completing their order forms and providing all of the details of their product or service need. The order is then placed on a “jobs board” of sorts, and available writers place bids. The customer receives the bids and is then able to take a closer look at the price and the writer profile.

The biggest issue we found in this process is that there is no detailed information about EdZaurus writers’ qualifications or background. When a customer clicks on the “writer profile,” the only information given are the titles of the last three products completed and customer testimonials on that writer. When we ordered our paper and proceeded to chat with a couple of the writers, they were quite vague about their college backgrounds, although when pressed, one told us she graduated from Harvard.

There is also a blog on the site, again found through the hamburger menu on the home page. We accessed the blog and read through a couple of the posts – one on writing a book review and one on writing an argumentative essay. If these were written by the site’s writers, then there are serious concerns for their skills.

Customer reviews also pointed to very poor writing quality – sentence fragments and run-ons, changing of verb tenses, etc. The paper we ordered and received from Edu Zaurus was poorly written as well. The English usage errors were quite typical of ESL writers.

Customer Protection and Security

We did not have any concerns regarding our privacy or the payment methods that are used. We were given an ID number, and the name of our writer was a username. Customers are told not to provide their personal information to writers, as their personal email accounts were not protected by the company encryption and firewalls. Payment processes are handled by a third-part processor, and we checked out that processor before submitting our payment via credit card.

Certainly, EduZaurus is not a fraud or scam. Customers can order safely and will get a product. Our issue is with the quality of writing and the company insistence that all writers are ENL professionals. We were also unable to find any evidence of a company BBB membership.

EdZaurus.com Prices

The company states that product cost begins at $16.00 per page and we were given an estimated cost when we completed our order. There are no discounts for new customers, and no field for a promo code for any type of special pricing. Final prices occur when a customer accepts a writer’s bid, and these run above average. We ordered an 8-page research paper, were not asked about academic level, and the bids ranged from $204 - $247. We asked customer support if there were ever any sales with coupon codes and were told that we could negotiate pricing with our chosen writer.

Customer Service

Customer support can be contacted via email or live chat. There is no phone number. We did contact customer to inquire about specifics of products. The representative did not seem to know much and told us to go ahead and complete the order form and then to discuss any specifics with our writer. We received the same answer when we contacted the department about revisions we wanted. Our review of the customer support part of this company is that its reps are not well-trained or informed.

Concluding Comments

Looking at pros & cons of this company, we find far more cons. The paper we received was badly written; there is not enough information about the writers, many of whom we believe are ESL employees, and the quality is just not there for the price. We do not recommend EdZaurus and are providing a rating of “Poor.”


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Winston commented EduZaurus.com
During the last few days I have been trying to contact EduZaurus support team. Yet with no luck. My order should have been completed by now. But no one has breathed a word about it…. feels like a scam to me! Don’t use it!
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